They say you can tell a lot about someone, by the company they keep.  We agree.

While much of our work is "behind the scenes" (even classified), there’s still plenty we can show.

For example:

  • Deployed over 220 personnel and equipment for emergency power restoration.
  • For a Fortune 100 company, deliver 24X7 machine maintenance workforce.
  • Completed 20 bottling facility shutdowns, and 5 line relocations and rebuilds.
  • Supplied all the electricians to a $500M resort and entertainment complex.
  • Installed conveyor equipment and machinery for beverage self serve.
  • Successfully completed over 30 cement plant shutdowns.
  • Complete build out and tear down of BMX bike jump in Central Park.
  • Master vendor to contractor, providing electricians on site in OK, TX, KS and AR.
  • Mobilized and deployed over 100 people to multiple emergency sites.
  • Provide electricians, millwrights and welders to global industrial construction company.
  • Maintained over 130 domestic and international Tradesmen working in three countries. 

Here are a few others whom we serve


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